March 08, 2013

Review | Kara Make Up Removal Wipes

Hello my lovelies ,

How are you all ? Happy Woman s day !!

And also its Friday . Another big reason to be happy .  Today  I will be reviewing the Make up Removal Wipes from Kara . I got this quite some time back from Urban Touch . And that reminds me that they have shut down and it makes me very sad .,.. Quick think about ... Friday !! 

And happy again . 

  About Kara Make Up Removal Wipes :
These wipes are made of Birla Cellulose, a fibre that is 100% natural and biodegradable and are completely safe on skin. Enriched with Lavender extracts, Kara Makeup removal wipes are very effective in removing all makeup from the face. These wipes cleanse your face and gives a relaxing effect to your skin, making you soothe and loosening your face muscles. The Seaweed extracts are used to revitalize and nourish your skin, making them perfectly soft and glowing.

 safe. For that just out-from-shower look!

Ingredients :

Aqua, Lauryl Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, PEG - 20 Methyl Glucose Sequestrate, Glycerine, Aloe vera gel, Lavender Extract, Seaweed Extract, Chelating Agent, Preservatives & Fragrance. Alcohol Free. 

Directions for use :

Slowly peel front label. Pull out a wipe. Reseal front label. Open and unfold wipe. Thoroughly wipe face and neck. Discard wipe after single use.

Word of caution : 

For external use only. If product gets into eyes, it may cause stinging. If this occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with warm water. Discontinue use in case of skin irritation.
Price : Rs 60 for 10 wipes .

Availability : Local beauty supply store , online websites.....just everywhere. 

My Experience :

The Kara Make Up Removal wipes with seaweed and Lavender come in a light green plastic pouch with a peel off front label. The pouch contains 10  make up removal wipes. The front label can be easily resealed and secured which makes the whole pouch easy to carry around. It can be easily carried in your purse . I have carried it with me on many travels and they came in very handy .

Each of the wipes is big enough as you can see below . You need to open it up and use it to remove any kind of make up from your face . Also it mildly cleans any residue of dust etc collected throughout the day . 

The tissues feel very soft . They have a mild fragrance which is very refreshing .These are damp tissues and will refresh your face after use . Its better to use one tissue complete for all possible make up . This is cause if the tissue is left exposed it tends to dry and leads to loss of its make up removing properties ! 

It feels very mild on the skin . No harshness at all when it comes in contact with the face . It really does remove all possible traces of make up from the face . Just a couple of swipes on the necessary areas and it removes the make up . 

 However , it’s a little hard to use when your wearing any water proof make up like a mascara  . Some very hardcore tugging and “ abrasion” is involved in that case and your pretty eyes must not be subjected to such behavior !

One drawback I find is may not be easy to complete secure the pack after 7-8 uses . This causes the wipes to dry out . The wipes are then rendered use less as they will just be normal dry tissues after that . 

Final thoughts :

Kara Make Up removal wipes with sea weed and lavender are handy set of 10 make up removal wipes that you can easily carry around . The wipes are very handy and can remove all traces of make up except toughies like water proof mascara . They leave the face clean and refreshed .

You can keep these handy if your on the go , and need a quick fix for a make up blunder you have made  ! This is definitely your plan B if you don’t have a good quality make up remover around .

However , it does not perform to the T like a good make remover would especially when it comes to waterproof mascara . It also dries if left exposed for a long duration .

Although I find six rupees a little too much for one make up removal wipe , I don't mind buying it again . I find it very convenient to carry it around when I step outside my house . 

 Overall Rating : 4/5
Have you tried Kara Make up remover wipes ? How has your experience been with them . 


  1. i always wish i had something like this for quick refreshing my face in college n all, but never heard good reviews of this kara one from friends, now ill pakka try this:)

  2. Hello Poorva ... ur first comment here :) so happy . hey its good ... i mean obviously not like a full on make up remover . But go for on the go make up removal . You can defnitely try it once . :) Try and let me know ....

  3. Nice review Khaddu....Would love to try it....I use Johnsons baby wipes :)

  4. Hello Megha :) Welcome to my blog . hey yea its good you can definitely try this . i have heard good stuff about the Jhonson wipes as well , I will try it next and let you know :)


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