June 28, 2012

A tall glass of beauty .... err water - Part 1.

Yes , that's right ... water = beauty . We  have all heard it a zillion times and more .. drink enough water if not more ... but still we can't keep up... ummm at least not me . Or not yet :) . It has been a struggle . But , I can proudly proclaim now that I am slowly winning the battle of the water n loo :P .

How important is water really ? Well ,
  • It makes up close to 60 - 70 % of our body composition.
  • It helps transport necessary nutrients to all the organs.
  • It helps put wastes away.
  • Water helps keep your skin looking healthy and makes you look younger each day . * go grab that glass right now :) * . Get that glow NOW . :)
  • Increases metabolism and hence helps you lose weight.
  • Beats stress and makes you feel fresh . 
  • It helps beat dehydration * duh * . And dehydration is NOT a good thing.
  • If you have raging headaches , sip on some water . It ' s really that simple . :) Try it . 
  • It removes all of the harmful toxins from your body . Talk about detox . :) 
  • It lubricates and protects your joints , muscles and internal organs .
  • Drinking enough water will ensure that you keep some types of cancer at bay . 
  • And just so many more ......:) . 
Hmmm, are you convinced ? Oh right , did I mention that you will die and go to heaven ( or hell .... muhahaha :P ) if you go three straight days without water . Do you want to try to be sure ,,,,, please go ahead .. :) :P . So , Ms. Einstein .. water is necessary ..very very .. VERY necessary . Period .
However , water is the most neglected part of our day to day lives . I find people go on an entire day without water . In the past , I have been guilty of this too. Our most important organs are always in desperate need of this elixir . Just try getting enough water into your system for a few days . You will be amazed with the changes you will feel within you and around you - ahem too many compliments :) ;) on your skin . I have done it , and you can too :) .

Our body is always bothered about us like a dear mommy is . Think of it like this . Suppose you know that for some strange reason there won't be any food left on this planet . What will you do to protect your family ? Stock up on all the food that you can get hold of ..right ? That ' s exactly what your body does when you don't give it enough water . It holds on to whatever little water is left in your body . It holds on to dear life ( water ) to keep you safe . But , we still don't realize and put it under further stress and only do something about it when we are extremely thirsty .

You just need to keep in mind how important water is to get enough water . Awareness is the key . When you know and realize how important this you will reach pout for that glass of water . And then going to the loo the rest of the day :P . But , that 's only till your body gets adjusted to this routine , till she knows that this is no drought .. the water will keep coming now :) .

Do you remember Geet from Jab we met * awww so cute she was * on the railway station  :

" Saans band ho gayi by God ..!! Cola Shola sab apni jagah par hai par paani ka kaam sirf paani hi karta hai. Kehte hain na best things in the world are free ...Vaise ab paani toh free raha nahi ... Kitne ka hai ? :P :P :P :P  "

LOL , but yes " best things in the world are free " . If you have enough water in your life , at your whim and fancy , you must count that as your blessing . Thank God now :) . And remember to make use of this beauty pill as regularly as possible . In my next post, I will share some tips with you which will help you increase your water intake each day and hopefully  reduce some of the stress your body goes through each day .

Until then , lets enjoy Geet 's madness : ( Source : Youtube )





  1. Thank you for leaving lovely comments. I am sure you'll love that product. You got nice blog and I like this post very much. I am following you now. Follow me if you like xx

    1. hi Sareeta , your so pretty :) . thank you for your lovely comments :)

  2. nice write up.. its such aplain simple fact that all of us know but fail to implement... me too during office hrs neglect water intake.. lately my body has started to retain very less water.. in othr words i keep going to the loo the whole day even if i drink half a glass...

    1. hello Supi .. ki haal chaal :) ! how was the weekend ?? yea really i agree , its so simple and so imporatnt .. yet !!! It s very good to know your body is reacting better :) :) !

    2. sab vadiya hai ithe.. tussi gal karo... aaj kal dikhayi nhi dete... ??

  3. Totally agree with water as a life giver/saviour ( *melodramatic* )

    specially during summers!!!

    Have a glass always with me at all time!

    My strategy whenever I sit down for a meal, I dont take a glass instead I take a bottle of water and dont move till I finish it. By the end of the day i finish almost 3-4 bottles.

    water is super important!

    <3 water!! :D

    1. Wow Roli ... that is a great tip ... :) I will try and do that from now . Even i louvvve water now :) !! :)

  4. Hi Khaddu!
    Wow I loved your style of writing..more so coz this is my favourite topic..Water - drink more water and solve all your probs..
    BTW I run a blog on health and nutrition and herez a post related to it M sure you would enjoy it!


  5. hi khaddu you have an award here on my blog http://supriyav.blogspot.in/2012/07/summer-beauty-love.html

  6. where's my glass of water, i have to drink some after this post :)

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