June 25, 2012

Happy feet with Sally Hansen ' s Pedicure in a Minute :)

Hey you guys :) !!

How are we doing today :) ?? Am just sad its only going to be Tuesday tomorrow :( :( !! I wish the weekend had more days :( !

So , today we will talk about another of my "junk " buys : Sally Hansen ' s Pedicure in a minute :) ! Ok, it is a GREAT product , but the reason I called it junk is * no offence Sally :) * is cause its another of those products which I mindlessly bought . I think my future husband is going to have a really tough time keeping up with me :P . Its always like , " oooh this tube looks good " or "yaay this smells good " and am already at the billing counter ... sold !! So , that's exactly why I bought this in Abu Dhabi about a year back cos ahem ... it looks good man !! :) ;) . But , it turned out to be one of those products that you never will get over :) !

Here , have a look :) : 

 I got this 113 grams orange capped tube for 30 Dhs from Carrefour in Abu Dhabi last year . I dont 
 think Sally Hansen outlets carry these gorgeous babies anymore , but what the hell .. that's what we have online shopping for nowadays * evil grin * muahahaha :P . Yes , recently I did see this exact same thing on one of the Indian online shopping sites which promise you COD and other such "attractions ". I think it was www.urbantouch.com

Infused with tea tree oil and Vitamins , this product claims it :

Insantly polishes away dryness , leaves feet soft & rehydrated . 

If you have : Tired , rough , dehydrated feet * ME *
You want   :  Suede- soft smoothness, without a salon appointment * Oh yes , that's ME * 
You ll get   :  A spa pedicure in 60- seconds * Oh , yes that's right ...:D :D :D * 

 Directions :

Gently massage onto wet skin or for a more intense exfoliation, massage onto dry skin. Apply extra pressure to rough spots. Rinse thoroughly.

 It comes in long tube with a orange flick cap . It would be handy and travel friendly if you interested in things like that . It is salon , dermatologist and podiatrist tested . For the uninitiated podiatrist is someone who deals with foot and ankle problems * cough GRE cough * . 

It is made up of glycerine , sucrose , sodium chloride , Olive fruit oil, beeswax , tea tree leaf oil , castor oil , silica , grape seed oil  and other "safe" ingredients . It is an emollient  with equal amounts of oil and scrub in one squeeze of the tube .

I have been using this scrub for a year now and I loooove it .

 You must definitely get this , if your too pressed to fit your parlor appointment in or are just lazy to get your ass down to the salon .

 It does what it says . It will give you butter soft feet , in about a minute and you will coo : " In Pairon Ko Zameen Pe Mat Rakhiye, Maile Ho Jayenge " .... true story ... no , don't give me that look :P . Am serious . :P :P

 It has large granules of scrub which is probably made of sucrose and doused in generous amounts of glycerine and other oils like olive and grape seed 

The consistency is really thick and buttery . I have very dry feet , that can put the whole cactus family to shame . No , am not kidding you . But , I just need to use a dollop size  of this scrub for each foot and scrub diligently , and voila , within a minute or two it leaves my feet very "zameen pe na rakhiye " types :) . Yes , the nights that I use this , I walk around wearing my socks for 2 days or so :P !!! It makes my otherwise cactus feet very very very makkhan types soft !! :) . I give it a good soak in warm water and there you have it ... your very own Pedicure at home and that too in a jiffy . Promise :) ! I simply love it :) . 

I can think of only good things to say about this product , I am overall very happy with it , so much so that I cannot think of any negatives except for the availability and I think its a little heavy on the pocket . But , if you think in the long run and how many salon appointments you ll save , it really shouldn't matter .

I would highly recommend this product to all of you . You can go ahead go grab yourself one of these and you will be sadaa sukhi . :) 

How Happy ? :

H :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) P P Y . 

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  1. hi there... nice revu... this one looks wonderful.. a must buy.. UT has a similar product for hands right now..

    1. Hi Supi ... wassup ? how are you today ?? . Yes Supi its a great product and you must try it .

      I did some research and found it on here : http://www.urbantouch.com/sally-hansen-pedicure-in-a-minute/074170205039/p/ ... go ahead click buy .. and you ll get more cute pink pink dabbe from UT :) !!

    2. good morningss khaddu...
      yayyy for the pink dabba... i am really loving it...

    3. hi Supi ... almost good night :P . You know god knows whats wrong with my gmail . I got a mail so late about your comment and it was almost time for me to leave work .

      Whats up .. aaj kya kiya ??

  2. this product sounds so good.......is it available online???

    1. hey Anon :) . Yes you can find it here : http://www.urbantouch.com/sally-hansen-pedicure-in-a-minute/074170205039/p/ . Please do follow my blog :)

  3. Wow....loved your blog :)...I saw this on Jabong but they seem to stopped selling beauty products online

    1. Hi Ray , how are you ??? Thank you so much for your wonderful comments . :)

      Yes , it is a great product and you can try it here : http://www.urbantouch.com/sally-hansen-pedicure-in-a-minute/074170205039/p/ . Let me know what you think :)

      Please do follow my blog .


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