May 26, 2012

The price of fame : Aishwarya Rai Bacchan

So finally Aishwarya Rai is a mommy to a beautiful baby girl, huh ?  :) Really ?

I think Aish-Abhi s family planning ( or not )  was hotter topic in apna gossip hungry desh than cricket , politics and baaju wali Sharma Aunty ki beti ka chakkar with their driver !! As soon as India‘s darling first bahu and beta tied the knot (in all the secrecy) , tabloids were flooded with the rumored pregnancy and other gharelu mamley !!  I of course was not one to be left behind :P . I used to have endless discussions with my girlfriends , not about the exams coming up but : “ Yaar , kya hai she ll be dancing only kya that too with Akshay Kumar now [ Zor ka jhatka hai zoron se laga .. I <3 that song].. When will she have kidddssss … abh nai toh kab …when she is 50?? ” !! I remember I was in my hostel when  my friend  called me up in the middle of the night to tell me … “Confirmed news Khad … Ash is pregnant , Amitabh confirmed it on twitter” !! Yes, neend sab bhhol ke I logged into twitter to confirm the same :P . [Oh, so everything is alright with Abhishek  :P :P :P ] .

Bas and after that, gossipistaan was in a frenzy! Oh she is going to have twins, oh no it is a boy! Oh it would be so evil to the world if she doesn’t pass on her beauty.. And god knows what else. People were having poojas and aarthi s for ma – baccche ka good health.  And “astrologers”  were having a field day with “ Maine toh 1994 main hi predict kiya that jab Ash Miss World bani ki woh maa 2011 main banegi :P :P :P ! [These guys never fail to  crack me up ] . I for once lost interest in the whole topic once she was pregnant!

Ok , so come Novemeber – Beti B came into this bad bad world . Fir se hindustaan paagal ho gaya ! Morphed pictures of the coveted beti B , endless guesses about her name , what is Ash upto etc etc . I never understood why they took so long to name her . I was expecting some exotic  name from a language spoken on Jupiter * serious * !  . Lekin kya name kiya : Araadhya Bacchan ! Araadhya was the name of my PT master in school for christs sake :P :P . I mean itna bhi kya research karna and then come up with what ? – Araadhya ! :P But , all said and done the very cute ( am sure :) ) Beti B has a name now , a hope India is pined on [ of course we want pictures !!! :P ] .

But my ramble about this whole issue is not about Araadhya at all! It is about gossipistaan and what they are doing to mommy Ash!  It is just appalling :’( :( ! Just let her be you fools . She is doing the right thing, reveling in being a new mommy and keeping herself as healthy as she can for Araadhya . She is not “fat” .. she is just a beautiful mother . Am just shocked with the social media lashing out at her for her “chubby cheeks and double chin”. Her double chin pictures from the Ambani party are in my opinion a pure case of “bad timing” and nothing else.  

Just let her be and let her bond with her baby and enjoy her time with the little one. I think she is doing the right thing, enjoying mommy-hood. She is glowing if you ask me J . I think people find it very hard to accept that celebrities are as normal as the rest of us and have a “life” too.  Ash is feeling the same exact things right now that any new mommy would feel. The last thing on her mind should be getting her sexy figure back. And I applaud her for having no qualms about flaunting her new mommy, beautiful body. I think she will make a superb mom and Aradhaya indeed would be an epitome of beauty just like her mommy  :D :D :D.  [ Waiting for the pictures :P :P :P :P ]

Presswalas seriously get some sense into your heads ! “ Ghar main maa behen nai hai kya” :P :P :P

Have you seen Aishawarya s recent pictures from Cannes 2012. She looks G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S . Here have a look : 

Image source : Google Images

 She looks fab , innit ? She looks really lean in the black-beige gown na ?

So , what do guys think about the price Ash had to pay ( or not , really - she doesn't care about stupid press reports :) ) for being famous ? 

Have a happy weekend :) 

Lots of love and cheer , 

Khaddu ....:)


  1. i enjoyed reading the whole article..its true that Ash has paid a lot for being famous but i guess it doesn't affect her anymore and she do what she wants :)

    1. Exactly Ana ! She is not even bothered ! Kudos to her !! Does'nt she look fab in her Cannes pictures ?

      Thank you Ana for your comment ... means a lot !

  2. You have a witty wrting style, keep at it

  3. Hi Riya :) Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation :) !




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